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Icicle Creek Road

A straightforward out-and-back on a steady, but shallow, climb along a roaring river

By the Numbers

34 miles
2250 feet
Moving Time
Water available at the turnaround point
Easily accessible from Leavenworth; rough asphalt followed by gravel

I rarely ride out-and-backs and when I do it’s usually a hill climb. The ride up Icicle Creek Road isn’t as impressive as Hurricane Ridge or Mt Baker but it offered an exceptional experience on an early morning ride.

Things I saw:

  • Gorgeous early morning light
  • A hawk fly across the road in front of me carrying a fat mouse
  • A beautiful buck walk across the road and up a hill (see photo; one of the few times I wished for a longer lens than my 16mm)

Lovely easy ride to end our short stay in the mountains.

Morning light on the mountains from the road
Morning light on the mountains from the road
Smooth morning gravel
Smooth morning gravel
A buck checking out the view
A buck checking out the view
Bike shot
Bike shot
Icicle Creek
Icicle Creek

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