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Tahuya Hills

Quiet roads highlighted by a unique stretch of punchy gravel

By the Numbers

A longer flat stretch along the water (59 road miles, 6 gravel)
65 miles
4600 feet
Moving Time

The Tahuya Hills is sparsely populated area nestled inside the hook of the Hood Canal. The ride is predominantly a road ride though the six mile section of gravel on North Shore Road is certainly the highlight of the ride. Legend has it the road was hand built and riding it one has no reason to believe otherwise. It’s a roller coaster of steep gravel climbs followed by steep, twisting descents on roads which receive little maintenance. The joy of riding such a road is highlighted with peek-a-boo views of the Canal and Olympics.

It is possible to ride significantly more gravel though it’s shared with OHVs so be prepared for noise and exhaust if you do venture into the trail system.

North Shore Road
North Shore Road
Hood Canal: A gentle way of life
Hood Canal: A gentle way of life


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